Welcome to The Doll’s House

Hello and welcome to The Doll’s House; a world of fashion, beauty and fun. Here our dolls love to dress up, compare styles and chat about what’s new and exciting at Dolly Mixture.

The dolls can’t wait to start hunting through those virtual clothes rails to bring you the best of the trends. They will make sure you are the first to know about the new products in store because, to be honest, they can never contain their excitement for that long.

Which brings me to introduce the dolls, Koko and Indigo.  KoKo loves her retro style and glamorous designer clothes. She owns more shades of lipstick than I knew existed and, of course, has an enviable collection of shoes.  Indigo has a hippy, indie style and loves experimenting with her make up for a fresh look.

Together the dolls will bring you lots of fun and fashion ideas so that you can join them in feeling fabulous in your own style.  Which is what Dolly Mixture is all about.  Enjoy!!