Manicure-Pedicure Couture

Manicure-Pedicure Couture

A superb bargain delivered straight to your door


Yves Saint Laurent in The City


Chic YSL Fard Lumere Aqua- resistant Cream EyeShadow is a favorite                   amongst A-Listers.  The dolls are loving this terrific Eye-Make-up.  It clearly allows   you to make the most of what you have! £9.50 only x524450_226926874088448_1038207986_n

Trick or Treat picks

With Halloween coming up soon we thought we’d share our top 5 items from the dolls house to help you complete your Halloween costumes.

1.Use this black eyeshadow from MAC for beautiful gothic eyes.

2.For bewitching lips try this deep purple lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent.

3.We love Benefit’s Lust Duster for a translucent shimmer at witching hour.

4.For gorgeous blood-red nails, you can’t do better than this nail polish from Yves Saint Laurent.

5.And finally this ear to hair accessory should give you the finishing touch to your chic Halloween look.

Happy Halloween!

Indigo x

007 Glamour

With the new James Bond film, Skyfall, hitting the screens this weekend, Indy and I have decided to have a bit of fun glamming up our wardrobe in true Bond Girl fashion.

I love this pot of gold eyeshadow and full lash mascara for eyes with a licence to kill.

MAC glitter pot

And of course I can’t resist adding more sparkle with my accessories and this chunky bangle is just perfect.

Rose gold bangle

007 glamour achieved!

Ring a ring of Roses

We simply couldn’t help but fall in love with this floral ring from Marc Jacobs. This cute accessory looks fabulous and we love it just for the pretty flower design.

But it gets better! Open up the ring to find solid Lola perfume ready to apply whenever you like. And if that isn’t enough, the ring comes in a beautiful leather pouch that can be used as an accessory or purse.

A beautiful smelling flower that you can wear on your hand. Is that genius, or is that genius?

Indigo x

M.A.C The Official Sponser Of London Fashion Week


The story behind the Williamson theme at London Fashion show 2012 was India, he has used this to celebrate 15 years.  He believes India is the DNA behind his label.  Wild vivid colors and stories of Bohemia.  Mathew Williamson defined this seasons make up look as Traveler eyes.  Last season was all about perfection but this season is to be the complete opposite.  Neon colors are massive.  Big gorgeous imperfect eyes.  Bad Gal eyeliner is all go, enjoy this to create a hassle free look.  Don't worry if it runs a little as this just adds to The Look

All on sale here:

Add style to your pout

Hit to create those bohemian eyes of 2012-2013: