Glam Up for DollyWood

Beautiful City-Chic Chunky Bangle.  A beautiful array of mesmerizing Austrian Swarovski Crystals set on 18 kt Gold plated.   Chunky Fashionistas bangle.  A must for Cocktailing.   Will be released for sale soon at For ladies who love Glam, if you really want to be fashionable, then wear this striking piece up on your arm.  Gold and Glam is featured all over runways for seasons ahead.  Also Shown in vogue for summer 2013


Timeless beauty

So: Indigo and I have been discussing what makes a look timeless. Do you need to spend more on designer products? Should trends be embraced or ignored?

Vogue promotes ageless style

Indie and I have such different tastes and it’s difficult to know what will stand the test of time. I love vintage and I argue that anything vintage has become timeless already! However, Indigo always looks so fresh and beautiful that it’s difficult to think the look will become outdated. Then it hit us! Timeless beauty comes from being yourself. Personality will never go out of fashion so just be confident in expressing your own style.

Koko x